PADUCAH, Ky. – A St. Louis woman is behind bars in Kentucky on human trafficking and sodomy charges.

Kentucky authorities have arrested Marlaa Jackson, 22, in the case and say “additional suspects and charges likely in the future.”

According to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office, the arrest happened after deputies responded to a call about two people stranded at a Paducah hotel. Jackson and a 15-year-old girl told deputies they were trying to get back to St. Louis.

While investigating how the couple ended up in Paducah, deputies found evidence that Jackson “often worked in the commercial sex trafficking trade,” and claimed she had been involved in such a matter from the local hotel room. The sheriff’s office says Jackson had included the teenage girl in “her postings and commercial sex activities earlier in the evening.”

The 15-year-old girl had not been reported missing, but her legal guardian in St. Louis told investigators she was away from home Monday evening. She has since been returned to her legal guardian.

The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation into what happened prior to Jackson’s arrest is ongoing.