WASHINGTON – This year’s White House holiday decorations have a little St. Louis touch. 

Among the white powdered wreaths and fake snowflake covered garlands are a few red birds in the White House’s east corridor. 

“Nobody could tell me that those Cardinal birds did not represent my presence at the White House,” said Theresa Perry, a St. Louis florist and event planner.

The Cardinal accents were designs predetermined by the White House event planner, but don’t tell that to Perry. She was one of around 300 volunteers that got the chance to help decorate the White House for the 2022 holiday season. 

“I was doing something that I do every day, but I was doing it at the White House,” Perry said. “I couldn’t believe it.” 

She was nominated by her good friend, Christina Pollard Hair, in August. 

“About a week later, I got an email from the actual White House,” Hair said. “The actual United States White House, not just somebody’s White House. They gave me a link for her to do what she had to do.”

Perry filled out the rest and got the once in a lifetime opportunity to decorate the White House.

Perry was in the nation’s capital for eight days helping decorate the east corridor. She told Fox 2 she plans to head back to Washington D.C. to help work on other holidays.