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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A teen attacked by a crocodile on a beach in Mexico was saved by a St. Louis woman.

What started out as a fun girls’ trip to the beach, ended up being a nightmare of a vacation. Kiana Hummel had just finished dinner with her best friend at a resort in Mexico when she says they walked down to the beach. Within minutes, a crocodile attacked bringing her under the water she says the crocodile was at least 12 feet long.

“I turned around and it grabbed me again on my left leg, and that was the time I didn’t think I was going to get out,” said Kiana Hummel.

The crocodile left lacerations on her legs, tore muscles, and tendons. Kiana says she may not be able to walk for a few months because of nerve damage.

“It just happened so quickly I didn’t really have much emotion with it. All I really remember was just being pulled in the first time and my friend trying to grab me,” said Kiana Hummel.

KGO-TV reports that a bystander from St. Louis heard her scream. Sarah Laney and her friends ran to help.

The group was eventually able to get the crocodile to let go of Hummel. They were able to bring her to safety and helped her get medical attention.

Kiana’s mom, Ariana Martinez, was back in Marin County when this happened. She learned about the attack on FaceTime.

“I got a phone call. I thought it was a joke, honestly. Then I was just like, ya right, you know. Then when I saw the Facetime I was, ‘just like oh my God what is going on?’ You know, just mom instinct. Quickly got the next flight out,” said mother Ariana Martinez.

Hummel is now recovering in a San Fransisco area hospital. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help her with medical expenses.