ST. LOUIS – A well-known anaconda named J-Lo at the St. Louis Zoo has died.

J-Lo, who had called the St. Louis Zoo home since 2010, was originally from Guyana. She was taken from the wild to be sold at a market for her meat and skin. But she got lucky and was purchased by an animal exporter. 

The St. Louis Zoo says J-Lo was humanely euthanized due to a severe tumor.

“We are heartbroken to announce that the well-known and loved green anaconda J-Lo passed away on Tuesday, August 30,” said the St. Louis Zoo in their post. “J-Lo was likely over 20 years old, and she came to the Zoo in 2010 after she was saved from hunters.”

The zoo rarely takes in animals collected from the wild, but they made an exception and the choice was made to save J-Lo’s life. 

At the Herpetarium at the St. Louis Zoo, J-Lo could be seen in her large tank. She was one of the largest anacondas in any Association of Zoos and Aquariums-accredited institution, weighing about 210 pounds and measuring 18 feet long. 

Anacondas in the wild are often killed before they reach such sizes. J-Lo was an ambassador to millions of zoo guests for green anacondas, the Amazon rainforest, and all snake species.

The St. Louis Zoo would like the public to please keep the animal care team and all who supported J-Lo in their thoughts during this time.