ST. LOUIS – From Flying birds to giraffe feedings, there are some new, fun attractions at the St. Louis Zoo for visitors to enjoy.

The new ‘Wingin’ It’ Bird Show at the Sea Lion Arena just debuted this summer and is already raising the bar with education and entertainment. From talking parrots to hawks and owls soaring above the crowd, The World Bird Sanctuary leaves visitors with new knowledge and smiles.

“It was very informative and a lot of fun; I like the question and answer,” said zoo visitors Paula Cunningham and Tina Hoecker. “We always come to the sea lion show, and now this will be another thing we come to see every time.”

From feathery friends to tall friends, how would you like to have lunch with a giraffe? That’s now possible with the zoo’s new giraffe feeding attraction. Over at the giraffe sanctuary, visitors can now feed lettuce to these long-necked pals. Feedings are at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. daily (schedule subject to change), and tickets are $5 per ticket. The ticket includes two pieces of lettuce to feed the giraffes.

However, because this is all brand new, some of the giraffes are still a little shy. Thankfully, the kids of the group – Honey and Gomer – are all about making new friends.

“I think it’s enriching for both our guests and our giraffes,” shared zookeeper Cora Munroe. “They get to meet a lot of new people, so it adds something exciting to their day, and it’s just an exciting way for our guests to come and connect with the animals and get that one-on-one experience.”

Zoo director Michael Macek, says he’s excited about these new additions because, at the end of the day, it’s all about memories.

“My favorite part is watching the people, seeing the animals, seeing the face of a child when they see a tortoise for the first time or a sea lion for the first time, and knowing that that moment is something they remember for their entire lives,” Macek added.

All these attractions charge a small fee per person, and there will also be some schedule changes in the fall. To check prices and plan your visit, click here.