ST. LOUIS – A group of St. Louisans founded a partnership that supports the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in L’viv, Ukraine, back in 2006.

When Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, the seminary—which, days earlier, was teaching people to be Christian leaders—was suddenly helping get refugees across the border. During the first 10 days of the war, UBTS has cared for 2,230 people, most of them women and children. Men are not allowed to leave the country.

People from all over Ukraine are coming to L’viv because it is near the border to Poland.

Yaroslav Pyzh, the president of UBTS, is documenting the brutality of war and the agony of the people he is helping. His organization is providing a place to spend the night, food, medicine, transportation, and communication with relatives.

Seventy-five members of his team are working around the clock as refugees arrive at all hours of the day and night. Pyzh said his group needs critical care items and prayers for a miracle to end the war.

The St. Louis-based Ukraine Partnership Foundation is a 501c3 that is funding the relief efforts of the seminary. They are getting the funds to Pyzh so he can purchase supplies in Ukraine and in Poland.

Pyzh said the seminary’s mission is the same as when it was teaching students just days ago. He calls it BMW – biblical, missional, and accountable in Ukraine.

People have nowhere to turn as they make their way toward Poland. They are grateful to find Slavik’s team to help them along the way.