ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The Union Jack was draped with black bunting outside The English Shop Thursday on Historic Main Street in St. Charles. The British food and gift shop said it had taken many calls upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The shoppers shared their memories of the monarch. Sheila Killebrew lives in England for a few years and remembers waving to the queen forty years ago.

“A whole bunch of us got together and went over and stood there for hours it seemed like until her motorcade finally came by. It has to be so sad. Even I’m sad after that last little bit,” Killebrew said.

Others shared their thoughts on the passing of an elegant and esteemed lady.

“I admire the lady so much. She did so much in her 70 years. She worked her tail off for the U.K. And those people love her,” said Brenda Stehle.

“I don’t know too much about the Royal Family, but just wanted to extend our condolences to the family just from all of the memories of hearing about her over all the decades,” said Catherine Turner.

“Someone who was admired around the world and was greatly mourned around the world,” said Glenda Nugent.