ST. LOUIS – Emergency aid from around the world is pouring into Turkey and Syria as rescuers dig through the remains of buildings flattened by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and its aftershocks. The devastation a stark reminder to be prepared in case of an earthquake.

Earthquakes don’t just happen on the West Coast. East of the Rocky Mountains, the New Madrid seismic zone, just south of St. Louis, is the most active. Large earthquakes have shaken the St. Louis region before and likely will again.

The American Red Cross urges you to put together an emergency kit with three days’ worth of supplies and create an evacuation plan. When a quake happens, remember to drop to your hands and knees, cover your head and neck, and hold on. After the quake, the Red Cross will jump into action.

“We sit right off of the New Madrid seismic zone and our teams are prepared for a New Madrid response of any scale, or any size. And we encourage all of our residents in the community to be prepared as well,” said Beth Elders, executive director for the American Red Cross of Greater St. Louis.

The Missouri Department of Insurance said the Show Me State is the third-largest market for earthquake insurance. However, coverage isn’t guaranteed; it must be added to your policy.

“You’ll want to talk to your insurance agent. Have a discussion about where your home is located, the building materials, and the possessions inside,” said Gina Wilken, a State Farm public affair specialist. “And you can have that conversation about if an earthquake endorsement is right for you.”