ST. LOUIS – Many visitors to Forest Park were out enjoying the gift of nice weather to celebrate Mother’s Day with their moms.

This Mother’s Day, it was truly easy like Sunday morning.

“The warmth, the sunshine,” said one couple. “The flowers, the trees.”

First order of business was soaking up the much-needed sunshine before celebrating with family.

“Today is perfectly beautiful and I think Forest Park is our treat,” said Celeste.

After days of stormy weather, everyone in Forest Park was taking advantage of the perfect Mother’s Day gift sent from Mother Nature herself. Biking, walking the dog, or enjoying some yoga.

Even a pair of ducklings spent quality time with mom.

Self-care was top of mind.

“Mother’s Day is often the one day of year that they get to pamper themselves so this class is an opportunity for people to come out before they maybe join their families just to relax, take care of themselves,” said Diana Lucas, Grand Basin Yoga Forest Park.

“I met a lot of moms doing that and I realized early on that if you’re going to be a mom and do a good job, you have to take care of yourself, you can’t pour from an empty glass,” said yogi Alanna Podgorski.

Whether for yourself or the mother figures in your life, remember, appreciation comes in many forms.