ST. LOUIS – The St. Mary’s High School football team celebrated a big win on Friday. They brought home a state championship title.

“It’s great to go out with a bang. We a senior, and like I said, we came in together, so it feel a little better,” said Chase Hendricks, a senior at St. Mary’s High School.

Players said the uncertainty of St. Mary’s and the football program means this victory is a win for the entire school.

“We just felt to leave a legacy to have two back-to-back state championships,” said Jamal Robertson, another senior. “But we just let the school deal with what’s going on inside the school, and we just deal with what’s going on the field.”

The Archdiocese of St. Louis plans to close St. Mary’s at the end of the school year, which also means the end of the football program.

“They’re going to face adversity not only with the school closing, a lot of them in life,” said Ken Turner, head coach for St. Mary’s football team. “And they have to be young men, and they have to face adversity and go through it, and that’s our motto, you know, face adversity, deal with it, and try to come out positive.”

St. Mary’s president and faculty are working to keep the school open.

“We continue to have productive conversations with Mike England and representatives of the committee formed to explore St. Mary’s moving forward as an independent Catholic high school for boys,” said Todd Sweda, Ed.D., the Archdiocese of St. Louis Superintendent for Secondary Education.

For now, the players said they are just enjoying the big win.

“We’ll probably have a fun week. Everybody participating as a school as a family,” Robertson said.