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ST. PETERS, Mo. – The St. Peters Board of Aldermen passed a resolution Thursday, calling on MoDOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help find a solution to flooding problems that have included the flooding of Interstate 70 near Mid Rivers Mall. 

“It has affected commerce and it has affected the quality of life for so many people in the Old Town district, as well as on the south side of I-70,” said St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano.  

The resolution reads as follows:

“The Mayor and the Board of Alderman of the City of St. Peters ask the Missouri Department of Transportation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to find a long-term solution to the flooding and closure of Interstate 70 by the waters of Dardenne Creek and from severe rainfall events and that our federal and state elected public officials be asked to assist in having these agencies work together on a solution that will avoid such a future disruption of traffic and property damage,” statement from the tatement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has technical assistance and project delivery authorities that can assist local and state governments who face water resources-related challenges such as flooding.  USACE is available to discuss partnership opportunities for further evaluation of the problem.”

Pagano said the city made a similar request following the flooding in 2015. He said he hopes to hear from the agencies soon and believes a study should be conducted to try and find solutions.  

“This is a quality-of-life issue for the city of St. Peters,” Pagano said.  

During the public comment portion of Thursday’s meeting, one speaker expressed concerns about the resolution. He questioned city developments and how much of a factor has contributed to flooding over recent years. 

Alderman Gregg Sartorius said the resolution was not aimed at placing blame but instead finding solutions. 

“It’s calling for unity,” he said.  

The resolution was introduced by Alderman Rocky Reitmeyer. He said calls for help to address flooding issues were ignored in the past. Reitmeyer said flooding has jeopardized commerce and safety.  

“First responders were locked in by the flooding,” he said during Thursday’s meeting.   

A spokesperson for MoDOT said the agency has not yet been contacted by the city about the resolution passed Thursday. The spokesperson stated the most recent flash flooding was of historic nature and there were many creeks and small areas of water overwhelmed due to rain and that water backed up onto the interstate and roadways.  

The spokesperson also stated:

“Local creeks, streams, and ditches overflowed and delayed water from draining off of many roadways. Too much rain fell too quickly for it to drain immediately.”  

Pagano said he is hopeful to hear from state and federal agencies soon.

“I’m asking the state and the federal government please respond back in a reasonable amount of time,” he said.