ST. PETERS, Mo. – Despite some of the region picking up a few inches of rain last night, it hasn’t been area-wide. Farmers in St. Peters are dealing with the struggles of the dry weather but remain hopeful when they look at this week’s forecast.

“It’s so dry I’m feeding the cows hay already in July,” said Herb Iffrig, a farmer in St. Peters.

While summer has been dry, the spring weather patterns were entirely different which caused farmers to get a late start.

“Early rains this spring pushed everything back late for us. And then when the time came for the fields to get planted, they were a little bit later than normal than we’d like to see. And then the rain turned off,” he said.

Iffrig said the last time he can remember it being this bad in this area was about a decade ago.

“Well, 2012 was a big bad year. That was a terrible year. This is not normal but it can happen,” he said. “You only got a certain amount of time to get anything done during one year so you have to take what you get and roll with the punches.”

The U.S. Drought Monitor shows St. Charles and St. Louis counties in the abnormally dry category with worsening drought conditions farther south. And while much of the area has not received significant rain just yet, those drier areas to the south received a beneficial one to three inches since Sunday night.

The great news is that there’s more rain in the forecast.

“It’s going to be a game changer,” Iffrig said. “I saw the forecast of 40% to 50% chance every day coming up for the next three or four days. We just need a normal, moderate rain. A two-inch rain right now would be perfect.”

Since June 1, the rain total in St. Louis is approaching four inches below normal, so a change in this dry pattern is certainly needed and regular rains would be a big benefit to our area farmers.

“It would be nice to get an inch every week. On Saturday night,” he said.