St. Peters man accused of making explosives, preparing for ‘war’ against law enforcement and protesters


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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – A St. Peters man is in custody after local law enforcement and ATF agents found self-made grenades, mines, and other explosive material at his home. Authorities believe he was going to target protesters affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement and others.

On June 22, the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged 25-year-old Cameron Swoboda with three felony counts of unlawful possession, transport, manufacture, repair, or sale of an illegal weapon.

According to prosecutors, Swoboda’s friends contacted St. Charles County police with concerns that he was going to attack a large group of people. They say Swoboda voiced disdain for Black Live Matters protesters, criminal justice reform, and minorities. He also believed the government was going to impose martial law because of the coronavirus and said he might have to “go to war” with the military and police.

Charging documents indicate the friends witnessed Swoboda with explosives and a large container of ammunition at his home. He also spoke of obtaining a “belt-fed fully automatic weapon” before martial law would be imposed.

ATF agents and members of the St. Charles County Bomb Squad went to Swoboda’s home on June 22 and discovered a substance containing Tannerite (an exploding compound), gunpowder, petroleum jelly, and acetone.

Police say Swoboda led them to a different location altogether where he’d hidden a cache of handmade grenades and ammunition. Police found a six round (M67) style grenade bodies. Swoboda allegedly glued BBs or steel shot to the inside wall of each grenade. Police also discovered a 3D-printed Claymore mine with BBs also glued inside the device. Police also found two pipe bombs in the cache.

Cameron Swoboda

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