ST. PETERS, Mo. – The St. Peters Board of Aldermen is expected to vote Thursday night on a resolution that calls on the federal and state governments to update these regulations in light of the recent Ohio train derailment. 

This resolution calls on Congress, the U.S., and the Missouri Department of Transportation to upgrade regulations on the transportation of hazardous materials. 

They want regulations to require disclosure to the State of Missouri of hazardous materials being transported that could potentially cause environmental damage or pose a threat to wildlife or human life. 

Sponsors of this resolution discussed these concerns at a previous meeting, discussing a previous resolution in 2015 about railroad speed limits, hazardous waste, oil, and other dangerous freight and materials transported through St. Peters. 

FOX 2 spoke with Mayor Len Pagano, one of the sponsors of the resolution, ahead of the meeting. 

“It goes, actually, pretty much the length of the City of St. Peters that track goes through,” he said. “And I guess all I’m asking is for safety—for the federal government and the railroad industry to pay attention to this.”

Pagano said he hopes to hear from the federal or state government within the next 60 days.