ST. LOUIS – Another Starbucks location voted to unionize Friday. This time it was in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated union membership dropped between 1983 and 2021. However, more workers at previously non-union businesses are organizing. Workers at the store in Overland Park, Kansas took a vote to decide if they will join a union. An official with the National Labor Relations Board read the tally over the phone.

“The votes cast for the union is 6. The number against is 1.”

Shift Supervisor Hannah Edwards said she is encouraged about what this means for the future of work at Starbucks.

“We have decided to unionize. So very soon, they are going to recognize us as a valid union, and we will have a seat at the table to bargain.”

The company is challenging seven additional ballots. Those ballots were submitted by former employees. They say they were fired for participating in union activity.

According to Starbucks Workers United, employees at locations in New York State, North Carolina, and Hawaii have either unionized or are working toward joining a union.