JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – This past Monday, State Representative Chantelle Nickson-Clark sponsored a breast cancer awareness bill that Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed.

Nickson-Clark says the disease has touched several members of her family.

“My mom died from breast cancer. My aunt passed away from breast cancer.”

Nickson-Clark was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and again last year, one week before the election.

“It was like a gut punch. I didn’t know what to do coming from stage 1 to stage 3; I thought the worst,” said Nickson-Clark.

Nickson-Clark, a two-time breast cancer survivor, is an inspiration. She works unrelentingly to support women and men diagnosed with the disease through the non-profit she founded, The Pink Angels Foundation.

The foundation offers a wealth of resources and information about breast cancer and treatment options to anyone in need.

“Technology and the treatments now are nowhere near what they used to be. I’m so grateful and honored to have such an amazing team of doctors who took care of me and got me to where I am today,” she said.