Steinberg Skating Rink reopens in Forest Park


ST. LOUIS — Steinberg Skating Rink has reopened, but it was a challenge due to the warm start to the workweek. 

Temperatures in the 70s on Tuesday made it tough getting the ice rink prepared for opening day Friday. Luckily, colder temperatures arrived with barely enough time to get things to a place where they could open for skating. 

“With the warm temperatures at the beginning of the week, it was very difficult trying to get the chillers all running and keeping the ice cold, the slab cold. Our crew was here overnight the past two, three nights. To get this done. To be able to open up on time as we had hoped to,” said Louis Lombardo, regional manager of Rink Management Services. 

Opening day started off strong with around 50 customers within the first hour or so. And crowds will be picking up for the weekend with 100 skaters already registered to skate for Friday evening. 

This year there’s a brand-new attraction, bumper cars. Anyone older than 10 years of age and over 48 inches tall can participate solo. For the younger kids, they can sit in an adult’s lap. 

“We just opened up the bumper cars. We just had a family of two that were out there just whacking each other having a blast,” said Lombardo. “Just go out there and joystick around and push it around and wham into each other. Get some energy out.” 

Ardith Flores and her daughters Olivia and Alexi were visiting St. Louis from out of the country. 

“So this was one of the things she wanted to do was go ice skating. And so luckily they had bumper cars so it was something new for us to try,” said Ardith. 

The girls seemed to have a great time! 

This year you can reserve your bumper car and skating timeslots online. To reserve your timeslot visit

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