ST. LOUIS – Days after a FOX 2 report highlighting south St. Louis residents’ growing frustrations with sinkholes in their neighborhood, the city’s Street Division has responded.

On Wednesday, spokesman Nick Desidieri sent an email to FOX 2 saying, “Repairing our streets and keeping St. Louisans safe on our roads is the top priority of the city’s Street Division.”

Just two days ago, FOX 2 spoke with people living near the intersection of Goethe Avenue and S. Kingshighway Boulevard in south city about two sinkholes located across the street from each other in alleyways.

Both holes have large metal plates covering them. One sinkhole, at 4879 Goethe, hadn’t been addressed for nearly three years, one resident said. That hole continues into her backyard.

Desidieri said the work on that sinkhole will be bid and completed within the next two weeks.

The matter of fixing the other sinkhole is more complicated.

Back in April, city workers dropped a large metal plate over the hole at 5600 S. Kingshighway. They haven’t been back. The plate also doesn’t cover the entirety of the sinkhole. 

Alan McKay, who lives next door to the property, said the sinkhole threatens to swallow a garage and he’s worried about the safety of neighborhood kids who play in the area.

Desidieri said the Streets Division has been trying to contact the property owner for more than two years to have a camera installed on their lateral line but to no avail. The division will continue its efforts to reach the homeowner.