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WARRENTON, Mo. – Twenty-five percent of the roof on the outdoor kennels was ripped off the “No Time to Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.”  

The powerful storms left multiple dogs and puppies without proper housing. The power is still off so there is no air conditioning, and no way to escape the heat. 

Carol Risley founded the animal shelter. A tremendous amount of damage was done to her property, including a vehicle, which took a direct hit, but miraculously not one animal or human was hurt when the roof blew away. 

They also have horses, pigs, a disabled cow, a donkey, chickens, a turkey, and ducks. Her husband was rounding up the horses when it hit. They are all ok. 

With no air conditioning, the puppies and dogs will have a tough time in the elements. This is why Risely is pleading for caring people to adopt the animals. 

For more information on adopting from “no time to spare” or donating help out, visit the organization’s website.