MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – With an eye to the sky and the radar, vendors arrived early to set up for SOL Food Farmer’s Market in Maplewood. They will be open, rain or shine.

“There’s always that balance between we need rain for the veggies and plants to grow. But we don’t need so much that it creates, not only safety problems, but availability for the food and harvesting,” said market manager Rene Sackett.

High winds, lightning, or heavy rain may force them to shut down early, but they hope shoppers will come out and pick up fresh, local goods as weather allows.

“Once food grows, once food is harvested, people need to sell it. Many people here at the Farmer’s Market, this is their livelihood. This is how they have their income. And once that food is picked, they have to sell it,” Sackett said.

Over at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Wednesday’s Flower Hours event has been canceled due to storm safety concerns.

“Everything is really green and beautiful. So even though we weren’t able to have the Flower Hours, there’s still plenty to see and plenty to enjoy,” said Daria McKelvey, Kemper Center for Home Gardening.

The recent heavy rains have been bad news for those still hoping to get veggies in the ground. It is not good to work the soil when it is overly saturated.

“If you take a clump of soil in your hand and it forms a muddy ball, then it is too wet. But if it crumbles a little bit, then that’s a good time. You can actually plant. And it looks like next week, the temperatures are going to be pretty mild. We’re going to get some sunny days. So, it will give a chance to dry out,” explains McKelvey.

Grow you own or come support local farmers. The SOL Food Farmers Market will be open Wednesday evenings now through October. You’ll find it across the street from Sutton Loop Park in Maplewood.