Strange foxes found roaming Missouri


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A couple of foxes have been found running around several neighborhoods in Springfield, but their appearance has given residents concerns.

“Foxes are becoming more and more a part of Springfield’s urban wildlife scene,” says Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. He says a city has a lot of habitats that are friendly to a fox. There are places for it to hide and raise its young, it also has food sources from pet food to mice and rodents.

A recent video of the fox was submitted by Jenny Fields.

“This one was sleeping under our gazebo trying to escape the heat in the middle of the day last week,” says Fields. She believes there is a family of them that live in the area.

“The animal in the video is showing some signs that it might have mange,” says Skalicky. He says the only way to tell for sure is to test its skin. There are other diseases that show signs of scabby skin and thinning fur coats.

“The way a wild animal would transfer mange to a domestic animal, most commonly, is through animal to animal contact,” says Skalicky. Humans can also catch the disease in the form of scabies.

Skalicky recommends avoiding contact with the animal, make sure you aren’t leaving food out for it to eat, and keep an eye on your pets.

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