ST. PETERS, Mo. – Sunday was a big night for a south city family and their business after someone stole their food truck during the week of Christmas. The owners of El Mandilon are thankful to have their family business back at the Latin Festival in St. Peters after a FOX 2 viewer helped them get back on their feet.

The Balthazar family said after a story aired about their stolen food truck, a woman in Illinois reached out to them and said the family could have her trailer for free.

“We do authentic Mexican chili sauce and the basic toppings that go on it,” said Rachel Balthazar, owner of El Mandilon. She said the Latin Festival in St. Peters is the first time the family has worked out of a food truck in eight months.

“Going back to the tent once after (the truck) got took from us,” she said. “It was kind of like a downgrade. So, now we kind of feel like we were back up where we were at least.”

The family’s food truck was stolen during the week of Christmas. They estimated the cost of the trailer and the supplies inside to be around $5,000. Balthazar said a phone call from a stranger gave their family hope.

“We were nervous cause we were surprised. She was just giving it to us and it was still in pretty good shape. Just needed some touch up. We were kind of nervous talking, because we’ve never had that happen to us,” Balthazar said.

A woman in Illinois gave the family the trailer. Balthazar said they immediately began getting the trailer ready for festival season.

“The new sinks; there wasn’t any sinks. We’ve done some painting. I still got to paint the walls. It’s going to be like a bright orange,” Balthazar said.

She’s thankful to be at the Latin Festival and plans on making more upgrades to the trailer down the road.