MOSCOW MILLS, Mo. – Strong winds led to some major damage overnight around Missouri, including Moscow Mills in the St. Louis region.

At least one homeowner has been working to clean up pieces of his home for several hours since it was damaged by winds Tuesday evening.

On Elm Tree Road, just off of Route C in Moscow Mills, heavy winds started to impact the home of Walt Humburg around 9-10 p.m.

Humburg had just arrived back from playing pool with friends when the winds grew more fierce. As he came home to his wife, brother-in-law and pets, they all noticed the situation and took cover in the bathroom.

“It got stronger, and stronger, and stronger. It kept building,” said Humburg. “And at one point I thought a tornado was overhead because I mean things were hitting the side of the house, the windows, stuff like that.”

Before he knew it, part of his home’s roof started blowing off. Part of his garage roof and carport blew off as well. When it was over, debris was scattered all over his home.

Humburg said it was unlike anything he had ever experienced at home.

“My ears popped, and I could feel it on my skin,” said Humburg. “It just felt like somebody opening a soda can really fast, just ‘Pop.’ And the next thing you know there were crashes, and bangs, and smashes. I just started yelling at everybody, ‘Get in the bathroom!'”

Humburg said they reacted to the situation as if it was a tornado.

“It was horrible,” said Humburg. “It was one when it popped, and everything started going haywire, that’s when it got scary.”

The Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Adam Stanek tells FOX 2 that the damage was caused by 50-to-60 mile an hour wind gusts and nothing else. There were no severe weather or thunderstorm threats during the time of damage.

The National Weather Service reported multiple downed powerlines and trees around Moscow Mills and other parts of Lincoln County from Tuesday morning. There is also a barn in the Hawk Point area that was demolished by winds.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported from Humburg’s home or anywhere in Lincoln County.