KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A student at Kansas City’s Northeast Middle School is dead following a stabbing Tuesday inside a a bathroom at the school, according to police.

The Kansas City Police Department responded to the stabbing after a school security guard found two students inside a boys’ bathroom fighting. Investigators said one of the students stabbed the other student with a knife.

The family tells FOX4 the victim’s name is Manuel.

According to police, the student who allegedly was responsible for the stabbing has been detained. KCPD said there is no ongoing threat to other students or the community at this time.

The victim and suspect were identified as 7th or 8th grade boys.

After the stabbing, worried parents gathered outside to pick up their children.

Students were dismissed by floors, starting with the fourth floor of the school.

Many of the students were texting their parents during it all.

Now their students are home safe, but parents have one main concern.

“It’s like how did he get in school with a knife? What’s going on?” Lewis said. “Basically, how was he able to enter the school with a knife — with metal detectors? I know the metal detectors work because I came to the school with accessories on and it went off.”