Students involved in ‘slap a teacher’ TikTok challenges could face charges


FILE – In this Monday, Sept. 28, 2020 filer, a logo of a smartphone app TikTok is seen on a user post on a smartphone screen, in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File)

ST. LOUIS– There have been several incidents of the TikTok challenge called “Slap a Teacher” reported across the country and what some students may not realize is it could be criminal.

TikTok videos have been posted across the country of teachers and school staff getting slapped and the student then running away.

The National Education Association urged TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter to pledge to stop the spread of these dangerous viral challenges.

Last week, a Springfield, Missouri student allegedly slapped a teacher and caught the incident on camera according to KFVS. Springfield school leaders are also warning parents and students that discipline is severe and could land them in the juvenile court system.

The Alton Telegraph reports the Edwardsville Police Chief says anyone walking up to someone and hitting them is battery. The paper reports the Edwardsville School District is preparing a letter about the challenge to send to parents.

The Superintendent of Schools for Madison County told The Alton Telegraph this behavior will not be tolerated and that students who go through with this challenge will have consequences according to their school district’s policies.

Other recent TikTok challenges include ones where students were encouraged to destroy school property like bathrooms.

Last month, TikTok removed videos that showed students bragging about stealing items from their schools. It was called the “devious licks” trend.

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