SULLIVAN, Mo. – The Sullivan School District believes the recent installation of cameras on the outside of several district school buses will improve student safety. 

The addition of cameras was prompted by concerns from school bus drivers. They reported seeing an increase in drivers ignoring flashing red stop signs in situations where Missouri law requires them to stop.

The cameras can record oncoming traffic and have captured seven violations in the first three weeks of operation. 

“I want for the kids to be able to know that they are safe to cross the road,” said Krystal Patterson. 

She is a district parent and bus driver. 

“I’ve had several cars go past my stop signs,” Patterson said. 

The cameras have been installed on four buses. Two more buses will receive cameras in the future. They work with cameras already installed on the inside of buses. The cost to the district was $5,000. Violators caught on camera will receive a ticket. 

“I send the video with a picture of the license plate to our school resource officers, and then they file a ticket on behalf of the school district,” said Ben Hampton, Sullivan School District director of transportation. 

He emphasized the district prefers drivers stop running the stop signs. 

“We don’t want to give any tickets,” Hampton said. “We want the school bus stops to be safe for all of our kids.”