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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Last summer was a season of extremes in St. Louis.

Before summer even began, it was really warm. The St. Louis area hit 90 degrees on May 10th and 94 degrees on May 11th and never looked back. We also had eight confirmed tornadoes on May 19th.

While June started with normal temperatures. But, By the middle of the month, we were well into the heat. We only had five days below 90 degrees, with the hottest day being June 13th at a record 100 degrees. The region also was three inches below normal rainfall.

July continued the hot and dry streak, with more record temperatures over one hundred degrees. That ended on Monday, July 25 when the record rain started to fall. We received more than 9 inches of rain during the first round.

The extreme rain pounded the area a week later on August 3, 2022. This time more than four inches of rain fell. This meant more flash flooding.

It was the wettest 14 days in St. Louis history. Thanks to the heavy rain early in August, we finished the month off with above normal rainfall.