ST. LOUIS – Isolated stormy weather left behind some damage at a church in north St. Louis.

Strong winds took off part of the wall at the church, located on the Union and MLK Boulevards. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The storm hit just hours after Sunday’s service at Williams Temple Church of God in Christ. Sunday morning, windows were shattered, roofing was ripped off, and a portion of an outside wall collapsed.

Bishop Lawrence Wooten said it’s too early to know how much the damage will cost or how long repairs will take. He shared that most of the damage is to the educational building.

According to a preliminary storm report by the National Weather Service, thunderstorm winds caused damage to the church, but people driving by Union and MLK saw this and stopped to help clean up debris.

“Even the people that were just riding by with concerns, we thank God for that,” First Assistant Pastor Larry Perkins explained. “Most of all, we thank God that it wasn’t a tragedy because everything can be put back together, what we see.”

“Some of the air conditioning are sparking and things of that sort,” Wooten revealed. “So they’re cutting off power on the inside. It hit, and we had no warning or tornado warning and things like that. It hit, but we’re survivors, thank God.”

As far as church services go this upcoming Sunday. Bishop Wooten isn’t sure they’ll be able to happen in the sanctuary or not. he says they’ll get more updates throughout the week.