Sunset Hills BMX Track floods right before grand opening


SUNSET HILLS, Mo. – What was supposed to be a fun Sunday opening for the area’s newest BMX track is instead becoming a frustrating flood.

“We’ve been working on this thing for several months,” said Johnny Murdock, Sunset Hills BMX track operator. 

“Finally get past that, and I get a message from the parks department saying a 16-inch water main break broke. And I thought, ‘How can that be?’ We don’t even have water in the park. How bad can that be? It’s pretty bad. It’s two feet deep.”

Murdock and a group of volunteers have spent the last year moving dirt, making mounds and a racecourse for BMX riders of all ages.

“I wanted to see a BMX track go in, in an area where kids wouldn’t know what BMX was,” Murdock said. 

“Growing up, one of my biggest mentors was a track operator, and that’s my job now. I’m the track operator here at Sunset Hills BMX. So, I want to affect some kid’s lives, hopefully in a good way.”

The former professional BMX rider started a nonprofit and began working with the city of Sunset Hills to open this Sunset Hills BMX track.

But a nearby water main break flooded a portion of the “Mini Ha Aa” park and the nearby soccer fields.

“Everybody gets to race,” Murdock said. “It’s not like you’re sitting on a bench. You can ride all day long. Not everybody is a stick and ball athlete.” 

“Some people like to ride bikes and do extreme sports, and this is it. It’s an Olympic sport now so the sky endless of what you can do if you set your minds to it.”

Instead of celebrating a grand opening, he’s directing riders to the St. Peters BMX track for today’s state qualifying races.

He is for the water to recede so they can return to action in Sunset Hills.

“We have a PayPal,” Murdock said. “We’re a nonprofit, so everything we do is based on donations, so we take everything we can get.” 

“It’s a bummer, I was in tears yesterday because we were so excited to be open.” 

The flooding put the nonprofit a month behind schedule.

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