ST. LOUIS – Sushi stops star around the St. Louis region, and you may not have to look too far to find a quality culinary bite near you.

Money Inc. released a lengthy list earlier this week praising some of the best sushi restaurants in St. Louis. The eateries are known for using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques to create a super sushi dish.

Drunken Fish was recognized as the top sushi restaurant in St. Louis. Located in the Central West End at 1 Maryland Plaza, Drunken Fish is known for its signature rolls, noodles and cocktails. It’s also considered one of the most upscale sushi restaurant in St. Louis City.

“The beautiful decor and attentive service at this Maryland Plaza restaurant will make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. The sushi chefs at Drunken Fish are Japanese masters who also have a great sense of humor. That’s because they’re not just creating delicious sushi rolls and serving them to you. They’re also putting on a show while they do it,” says Money Inc. on its review.

Also in the Top 5 of the list include,

  • Sakura Hibachi Sushi Bar (1119 W. Peace Boulevard)
  • Mizu Sushi Bar (1013 Washington Avenue)
  • Kampai Sushi Bar (4949 W. Pine Boulevard)
  • Sushi Hana (8809 Gravois Road)