FENTON, Mo. – A man who robbed a gas station and whom police believe is armed and dangerous has now been found and taken into custody in Jefferson County, Thursday evening.

A store clerk in Fenton spoke out about the brutal attack by the suspect during an armed robbery and said she is lucky to be alive.

Amy Anderson, 35, suffered from a head injury, a broken arm, and multiple stitches to her head, lip, and eye. She said it was hard for her to walk.

Anderson worked at Phillips 66 on South Highway Drive in Fenton, where the suspect robbed her at gunpoint last Saturday.

“All I could see is a pool of blood on my head. I kept screaming,” Anderson said. “He asks for some headphones. I got the key and went down to get them, and the next thing I knew, I got hit really hard on the head about four or five times. All I remember is screaming.”

When the officers from the St. Louis County Police Department arrived to investigate the robbery, they found Anderson on the floor with a black eye, bruises, and a pool of blood. Anderson said she wants the suspect off the streets.

“I want him caught. I want him to feel everything I feel. I never had this type of pain before,” she said. “It hurts to move my head. It hurts my teeth to chew.”

Police shared video and images of the suspect for assistance in finding him. After the man hit Anderson in the head, he stole lottery tickets from the gas station.

St. Louis County police believe the same man entered a home in the 1000 block of Villa Grand Way and pointed a gun at the homeowner.

That incident happened just days after the gas station robbery. The man left the home before the officers arrived. No one was injured.