BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A Blue Springs man is charged with one count of making a terror threat that caused nearly a dozen metro school districts to cancel summer school.

Blue Springs police arrested 19-year-old Treshawn Hardridge Wednesday morning.

Investigators said Hardridge made a terroristic threat of a mass shooting and posted his plans on social media. He also mentioned mental health in the post. Someone saw the video on Snapchat Tuesday and forwarded it to Blue Springs police.

Police said the threat specifically mentioned killing people and the phrase “mass murdering.”

Police staked out three locations overnight before the teen surrendered peacefully to officers Wednesday morning at his home.

The threat caused nine school districts to cancel summer school classes and other activities.

Charging documents show Blue Springs police asked the FBI for help in the investigation. The FBI used a cell phone number to ping the phone’s location and eventually located Hardridge at a home southwest of U.S. Highway 40 and Southwest 19th Street.