ST. LOUIS – A man arrested in connection with a fatal hit and run near Ted Drewes last month was released Tuesday after 24 hours in police custody.

The 25-year-old suspect turned himself over to police on Monday. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office declined charges against the individual, citing further follow-up from police.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department would only confirm the man was released from jail and directed any further inquiries to the circuit attorney’s office.

FOX 2 is not identifying the driver since he was not formally charged.

Matthew Nikolai, 17, lost his life on July 29 when he was struck by a truck in the 6700 block of Chippewa Street while trying to cross the street.

Nikolai was thrown into the path of another car that also hit him. The second vehicle stopped and the occupants cooperated with police. However, the driver of the pickup truck fled the scene.

The truck was later found at an undisclosed location in St. Louis County.