WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – The Webster Groves Police Department shares an update on a suspicious phone call circulating among residents this week.

Police say a caller identified themselves as “Alicia Driver” and gave a non-police department number as the return number. The Webster Groves Police Department says it does not employ a person by that name. However, Driver is a representative of Law Enforcement Partners, an organization that has partner with Webster Groves police for a magnetic calendar project.

Prior to an update Thursday, police say at least two residents received suspicious phone messages from a person Tuesday falsely claiming to be a member of the Webster Groves Police Department and stating the resident needed to call them back.

Webster Groves police say the project is legitimate. Proceeds from the project will be donated to an organization that provides financial assistance to support spouses and dependent children of police officers and other first responders. For more information on that program, contact Webster Groves police at 314-963-5417.