CLAYTON, Mo. — A million-dollar swimsuit company, making a global impact, is headquartered in downtown Clayton. The humble company that’s known for its bright colors and cheery brand doesn’t even boast a sign outside.

“I believe the brand and we as founders are really truly midwestern, in a sense that we’re very unassuming, authentic what you see is what you get,” Summersalt co-founder Lori Coulter said.

Their products can be seen on social media, on influencers, and in national publications. Still, many don’t know the company and its founders call St. Louis home.

“Building a business in a city that we already loved was a no-brainer,” Summersalt co-founder Reshma Chattaram-Chamberlin said.

Summersalt has been disrupting the swimsuit industry since Coulter and Chattaram-Chamberlain started the company in 2017 Using both women’s deep backgrounds in business, retail, and branding. Summersalt prides itself on using 10,000 women’s body scans and 1.5 million measurements to create the perfect swim of a designer swimsuit, but not at the designer price.

Their most popular piece is the sidestroke one-piece swimsuit, which has sold out multiple times and even had a waitlist of more than 10,000 people.

“Women had felt inhibited, challenged, to be in swimwear that made them feel free, happy, And to have that child-like joy. We were all held to an unexpected standard and we really wanted to change that,” Chattaram-Chamberlain said.

The company has since created loungewear, pajamas, dresses, and more, but their work has gone beyond just materials, and into helping others in the city they both call home. 

“We donated $600,000 worth of masks in the St. Louis area alone. We wanted to support our local community,” Chattaram-Chamberlain said.

Their donations went to the zoo and local schools to name a few.

“St. Louis, in particular, has done a very good job in the startup scene, starting 10 to 15 years ago,” Coulter said.

With news of many companies thinking about leaving the Gateway City for various reasons, Summersalt said they’ve attracted employees to move and make St. Louis home.

“We’ve attracted talent from San Francisco, from Los Angeles, from New York, and people are moving to St Louis for Summersalt. People are so happy to be here,” Chattaram-Chamberlain said. “The talent who have moved here from New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, they are finally buying homes. They are able to send their kids to better schools.”

As Summersalt grows, the company has no plans to leave downtown Clayton. 

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