MARYLAND HEIGHTS — St. Louis Loves its toasted ravioli. It’s no surprise they love a guy with a toasted ravioli head. He’s been spotted all over town. His real name is Nick Lammering, but now he now prefers to be called T-Rav Man.

Is he a superhero? Does he have magic powers?

“I like to use the marinara to rest and recover for the next St. Louis City SC game,” said Lammering. “I showed up to the last game, walked into the gates, and people started going crazy. I started going crazy and feeding into the energy. Then City got that big win.”

You can follow T-Rav Man on Instagram here.

The creative genius behind this project is Laynee Knipmeyer.

“You know, he had the great idea and I made it into a reality. Right now I am working on making more. But, I am making them one by one at my kitchen table. We are looking for someone to help us, hopefully locally, to give the people what they want,” said Knipmeyer.

Knipmeyer has had over 500 inquiries on her website about how to get one and what they will cost. Sign up for the wait-list to buy a “Ravioli Head” here.