BRANSON, Mo. – According to research by SIXT, Table Rock Lake ranked in the top 50 bluest bodies of water in the U.S.

In terms of states, California has some of the bluest water with Latigo Beach, La Jolla Cove, Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay. Not far behind is Florida with beautiful blue waters off Las Olas Beach, Lake Conway and Clearwater Beach.

The only entry for Missouri is Table Rock Lake which is ranked #25. The ranking system is not based on anything other than being included in the 50 bodies of water studied.


There are different shades of blue as well. Waimea Bay and Lake Tahoe offer some of the lightest and coolest blues, while green-blue hues can be found in Hana Bay, Emerald Cave and Haulover Inlet.

You can find richer blue shades in the waters of some of the country’s lakes like Canyon Lake, Lake Michigan, Table Rock Lake and Onota Lake.

You can find a comparison of all of the bluest bodies of water, here.