ST. LOUIS, COUNTY — A teen is accused of ramming his truck into a St. Louis County marijuana dispensary to steal $25,000 in products. Donnell Heslip-Hill faces felony charges including burglary and property damage. The teen is being charged as an adult, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Court documents state that Heslip-Hill drove his Ford F-150 pickup truck through the front window of Cookie’s dispensary on August 15, 2022. He acted with others to steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana products.

Investigators later discovered Heslip-Hill’s fingerprint on a stolen marijuana dispensary product in the truck. The crime was also caught on surveillance video. :Police say that Heslip-Hill is in the video.

Heslip-Hill posted a pic of himself with what the court documents state is a “large assault rifle.” They believe he is a danger to the community.

Note: The video in this story is from our 2022 report.