ST. LOUIS – A volleyball team from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is returning home from a weekend tournament in St. Louis without one of their teammates. Janae Edmondson was critically injured in a crash downtown involving a driver who failed to yield, according to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The crash took place Saturday night near the intersection of St. Charles and 11th streets. Police report the driver failed to yield, collided with another vehicle, and then struck the teen. Edmondson was standing on a sidewalk. Police reported no serious injuries involving occupants of the vehicles involved. The driver who failed to yield was arrested.

“This is a hard road for a young athlete who last week committed to play college volleyball at a local Division II university in Tennessee,” said Jeff Wismer, assistant director of the Middle Tennessee Volleyball Club.

Wismer said the crash took both of Edmondson’s legs. The team helped launch a GoFundMe to help with expenses.

Wismer hopes the fund will help whenever Edmondson is ready to leave a St. Louis area hospital and return to their Tennessee home.

“We’re trying to build a foundation for an easy transition the best we can,” he said.

Wismer described Edmondson as witty, tough, and persistent. He said those who know her are feeling both sadness and anger.

“This was a street sign that wasn’t obeyed, and in an instant, this young person’s world and her family’s world changed,” Wismer said.

Wismer also thanked the St. Louis community for the support he witnessed, including support from tournament organizers, other teams, and first responders.