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ST. LOUIS – The African Peoples Education And Defense Fund has its eyes set on the corner of College in West Florissant in North St. Louis City for a community landmark. 

“To wake up every morning and look out your window and see buildings just forsaken, like no one loves you, does something to the psyche for the community,” Kalambyi Andenet with the African Peoples Education And Defense Fund said. “We want to wake up and see the same thing on the south side.

Residents and organizations want to bring the community they love back to the way it used to be.

“We are moms, we are sisters, we are a community of people that love our community,” she said. “The community deserves a basketball court.”

And there is hope on the horizon to make one project a reality. 

“We want to bring back love and prosperity and community,” she said. “Our young people are our future.”

The new court is planned with a fence, lighting, bleachers, benches, camera security, and a special addition next to it. 

“On this property right here we’re going to have a mirror, and we’re going to put some of the freedom fighters that have been fighting for the freedom.”

Andenet said she believes this court will bring more than just a love for the game, but also show young members of the community how to be a part of a team, sportsmanship, working together and most of all build a healthy community.

The hope is what’s built inside the court extends far beyond the paint. “This basketball court is the beginning of change.”

Check out the organization’s Go Fund Me page to make a donation.