ST. LOUIS — On its list titled “The Most Iconic Hyper-Regional American Dish in Every State,” the Food Network named toasted ravioli as one of the best foods available in St. Louis.

Crispy bread crumb coated fried cheese filled pasta ravioli with tomato marinara sauce

The dish known as “toasted ravioli” consists of breaded ravioli that have been fried in oil and served with marinara sauce for dipping. The New York Times says that the first place to serve toasted ravioli was Angelo Oldani’s on the Hill in St. Louis. This happened in the 1950s. The “Hill” is a largely Italian neighborhood.

Other state favorites on the list were:

Shrimp DeJonghe from Chicago is a well-known dish from the state of Illinois. Breadcrumbs soaked in sherry and seasoned with herbs like parsley and tarragon are used as a topping for shrimp cooked in garlicky butter sauces. After that, the shrimp are served.

Brisket burnt ends appetizer.

The cereal bars known as Iowa’s Scotcheroos contain peanut butter, butterscotch, and chocolate and do not require baking. The recipe was first published on the back of a package of Rice Krispies in the years immediately following World War II.

Kansas burnt ends are bits of beef from Kansas City, Kansas. At first, they were made to use up the fat left over after slicing brisket. The burnt ends of Kansas are named after the state of Kansas.