The war in Israel is intensifying. The Israeli military continues to pound the Gaza Strip as fear grows for the Americans and others being held hostage.

Reports on the ground in Israel indicate the Israeli military has launched roughly 450 airstrikes overnight, hitting hundreds of targets across the Gaza Strip. It comes as stunning images continue pouring out of Gaza, with President Joe Biden once again expressing clear support for Israel, even calling the Hamas attack an “act of evil.”

“In this moment, we must be crystal clear: we stand with Israel,” Biden said.

Following his third call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the war broke out, Biden called for overwhelming, swift Israeli action. He also condemned Hamas.

“They use Palestinians as human shields. Hamas offers nothing but human bloodshed, with no regard for who pays the price.”

A frightening new video also shows the moment Hamas terrorists took a group of Israelis hostage on Saturday. Hamas still has more than 150 hostages. FOX News now reports Hamas killed at least 40 children during its raid of an Israeli village Saturday, beheading some and raping women. Israel reports that they have killed at least 1,500 Hamas terrorists since.

Video shows a Red Cross center and a United Nations educational building bombed in Gaza. The U.N. says getting aid into Gaza is now a major concern, with nearly 140,000 people displaced. Israel blocked food, fuel, and other supplies from going into the strip on Monday.

A new video shows U.N. schools feeding displaced Palestinian children on Tuesday. The agency reports severe shortages of food, clean water and medical supplies.

Nearly 2,000 civilians have died since the war started.