The Pageant and Delmar Hall requiring proof of vaccination or negative test


ST. LOUIS – The Pageant and Delmar Hall music venues announced Monday that, going forward, they will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to attend a concert.

“This is just the reality at this point. This is our livelihood,” said Patrick Hagin, managing partner at The Pageant, “We’re trying to stay in business.”

In order to do that, Hagin felt it was necessary to do what they can to protect their business from the increasing COVID numbers.

“We’re just asking for one vaccine, we’re not asking for full (vaccination),” Hagin said. “Thinking if they get one vaccine, they’re on the path to getting fully vaccinated.”

If you’re not vaccinated, you can still attend shows. You just need to show proof of a negative COVID test within the last 72 hours. It can be a physical paper copy or a snapshot on your mobile device. You also need to bring a matching photo ID to display upon admission.

“We’re also in a situation too where more and more artists are asking us what we’re doing, so it’s pretty obvious that the status quo is going to work much longer,” Hagin said.

Masks are also still required, but beyond the music, crowds and the venue will remain the same.

Many residents out on the Delmar Loop agree.

“I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” said University City resident Torlina Thomas. “You have the right to go or to not go. It all comes to you. You have the choice.”

“Of course, someone can have COVID and go to a concert, you would never know. You would never know that kind of stuff,” said St. Louis resident KJ Washington. “So, I think having those kind of rules in place makes it more okay to go out and go out into those public spaces.”

But not everyone agrees. One Twitter user replied to a tweet detailing the new rules: “I probably still won’t go but I applaud them for taking a stand.”

Another user goes further to say, “I will never attend any event or business requiring proof of the jab.”

“I think among our patrons, for every person we’re going to lose, we’re going to gain two or three people just by trying to provide a safe environment for them,” Hagin said.

Hagin hopes other businesses will follow their example.

This policy will be in effect until further notice. You can read more about the policy on The Pageant’s website.

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