The reason why Imo’s Pizza cut into squares


ST. LOUIS – Imo’s is one the most well-known St. Louis-style pizza in the area. It wasn’t too long after opening that the Imo’s name and square-cut pies became synonymous with St. Louis pizza.

But do you know why Ed Imo decided to cut the pizza slices into squares?

Kim Imo, his daughter in and Imo’s community ambassador, explained how it got its start on Studio STL this week.

She said the legendary story is that Ed Imo and his brothers worked as tile setters. During the day they would set tiles. At night, Ed Imo would make and sell pizza. She said it was a natural progression for him to cut the pizza into squares.

The pizza chain got its start in 1964 when Ed and his wife Marge opened up the first parlor on The Hill.

The couple were devout Catholics and would wait until 11:30 pm on Friday nights to order a meat-topped pizza. After years of picking up their pizza after midnight, they talked about it being nice if someone would deliver them a pizza. That idea gave birth to the chain.

You can read more about Imo’s history here.

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