LADUE, Mo. – Ladue police are searching for at least three men who tried to carjack a woman in front of her home.

“It has to be terrifying for that victim. Law enforcement, we unfortunately see these types of crimes, but it scares us,” Chief Ken Andreski, Ladue Police Department, said.

He said it was an unusual Wednesday afternoon—an attempted carjacking and calls about shots fired near Ladue Ridge Road.

“We believe what occurred was an attempted carjacking with three or four suspects,” Andreski said.

Police are searching for a gray minivan with a rear window covered by either a brown towel or cardboard, the chief said, adding that the men fired a shot into the victim’s car.

“We located one casing inside the vehicle. We had, obviously, partners that have canvassed the area, and we believe it was one shot,” Andreski said.

Police are looking through security cameras and hope to identify the men, the chief said.

Andreski does not believe this is an ongoing threat for the neighborhood but said it is something neighbors should be concerned about.

“If you see something that is unusual or you hear something that’s unusual. You feel a little uncomfortable; someone may be following you a little too closely; some suspicious person in the area. Don’t try to confront anybody; call 911,” he said.