ST. LOUIS — What’s something that only people in Missouri say? We posed that fun question to our Facebook fans and received thousands of responses. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these words and phrases.

Now, some of the responses we received were definitely Midwestern. That is fair because Missouri is a part of the Midwest, and not the South. There isn’t much debate about that. So, you’ll definitely hear people say, ope, yep, soda, you’s guys, and you betcha.

There are some words that you will likely only hear in the St. Louis area. One of those terms is Hoosier. It has a much different definition than the same word used as a point of pride in Indiana. Others include hurr, farty, carn, sharts, and worsh. Those words are properly spelled as here, forty, corn, shorts, and wash. Substituting the “ar” sound for “or,” some of those dialect words are more understandable to those outside of the area.

You may notice a southern drawl once you leave the St. Louis region. The big city along I-70 shares many linguistic similarities with the Midland dialect region and the Inland North. In more rural parts of the state, you’ll hear words like Missoura, ya’ll, and references to the state’s boot heel.

Many commenters to our Facebook post did not respond with words connected to a dialect but rather with things that only someone from Missouri would reference. Some of them include t-ravs, provel, pork steaks, Cardinal Nation, the Show-Me-State, Imo’s, The Lake, Highway 40, “There’s the Arch” and much more.