ST. LOUIS – Though NASA scrubbed Monday morning’s launch of the Artemis I, the mission to establish a sustainable human presence on the moon continues.

The Artemis I launch was postponed after a series of problems, including a fuel leak, were discovered in the hours prior to liftoff. With incoming thunderstorms, mission coordinators thought better of an attempted launch and called things off for the day. The rocket may launch as early as Friday but could be delayed until mid-September.

Artemis I will carry three dummies in the Orion capsule during the six-week flight to the moon and back. The dummies have been fitted with sensors in order to perform stress tests that you would not attempt if humans were aboard.

If the Artemis I mission is considered a success, Artemis II could launch with four astronauts on board in about two years or so. That rocket would go around the moon and return to Earth. Artemis III, and future missions, would actually land people on the moon as early as 2025. 

All 50 states have made some contribution to the Artemis program in at least one of the mission’s five key technologies: the Orion spacecraft, the Space Launch System, Exploration Ground Systems, the Gateway, and the Human Landing System.

Twenty-two businesses in the St. Louis area and other parts of Eastern Missouri are credited as Artemis partners. Fifteen businesses have developed components of the Space Launch System, with Boeing working on Lunar Technology Development and Exploration Ground Systems, and five other companies working on components of the Orion craft.

  • Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc. (Fenton, Mo.)
  • AMI Metals, Inc. (St. Charles, Mo.)
  • Baker Engineering Corp. (St. Peters, Mo.)
  • The Boeing Company (Hazelwood, Mo.)
  • Boeing Service Company (Berkeley, Mo.)
  • Carr Lane Manufacturing (Shrewsbury, Mo.)
  • Eagle Picher Technologies (Clayton, Mo.)
  • Earle M Jorgensen Co., Inc. (Union, Mo.)
  • GH Tool & Mold, Inc. (Washington, Mo.)
  • Graybar Electric Company (Bel-Ridge, Mo.)
  • Homeyer Precision Manufacturing Co. (Marthasville, Mo.)
  • Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. (Cedar Hill, Mo.)
  • Mueller Machine & Tool Co., LLC (Berkeley, Mo.)
  • Patriot Machine, Inc. (St. Charles, Mo.)
  • Planet Tool & Engineering (O’Fallon, Mo.)
  • R&S Machining, Inc. (St. Louis County, Mo.)
  • Sigma Aldrich, Inc. (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • Sinclair & Rush, Inc. (Arnold, Mo.)
  • Sullivan Precision Metal Finish, Inc. (Sullivan, Mo.)
  • Tripack, Inc. (St. Charles, Mo.)
  • WB Industries (O’Fallon, Mo.)
  • W. W. Grainger, Inc. (Maryland Heights, Mo.)