ST. LOUIS – Authorities arrested a man who reportedly stole from a St. Louis Target store 12 times this year and took off with more than $2,600 worth of items.

Prosecutors charged Nicholas Pannell, 39, with 12 counts of stealing in the investigation. Pannell had three prior convictions for stealing-related offenses over the past decade, prior to several reported thefts at Target this year.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, Pannell is linked to 12 thefts at the Target on Hampton Avenue in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. The thefts happened between Feb. 16 and May 26 this year.

Pannell reportedly stole anywhere from $60 to $571 worth of items during each theft and more than $100 worth of items all but two times. Per court documents, Pannell stole a net total of $2,654.15 worth of goods.

His last attempt, prior to criminal charges, happened on May 26. On that day, a security agent told police that Pannell walked into the store with two duffel bags, placed items into the bags and left without paying. The security agent attempted to stop Pannell before he got away.

Later on, police reviewed surveillance video and identified Pannell as the offender. Another official tied to the store reportedly had several face-to-face encounters with Pannell before his arrest, providing more surveillance video of thefts tied to Pannell, who was arrested one day after his latest theft.

According to court documents, Pannell, when speaking to authorities about the thefts, stated “I took the items.”

Pannell has a detention hearing scheduled for June 5, though he was released from jail on a personal recognizance bond on Tuesday, per Missouri court records.