ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A homeowner in west St. Louis County alleged criminals went through an open garage door and stole her car early Tuesday morning.

Right before 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, a Queenie Township resident caught what he believed to be thieves speeding off in his neighbor’s car.

The woman wasn’t home to go on camera but said on the popular app, Next Door, that her car was stolen from their garage before 5:00 a.m. off Dietrich and Carman roads.

St. Louis County Police confirmed the incident occurred on Indian Hill Lane, and a police report was filed with the department on Tuesday.

She said the thieves went inside her house, took the keys off a key holder, and drove off with her car. The woman said she reported the incident to the police.

Ironically, a neighbor accidentally left her garage door open and warned her of the dangers.

“A couple of weeks ago, my husband went out and forgot to close the door, and she texted my cellphone and said, ‘This is very unusual for you. So, I thought I would let you know you left your garage door open,'” said neighbor Yvonne Cartier. “It makes me sad for her because I know they’re probably very afraid now.”

Now, she’s the one looking out for her.

“It does not stop,” said Ballwin Police Department spokesperson Mark Reckert. “I mean if they’re going to see something they want whatever they can to try and get into.”

Ballwin police are not handling this case, but the theft happened less than ten minutes away from their station. Their spokesperson said more residents are heeding their warning to lock up.

“Your garage door is valuable because it does have access into your other vehicles in your garage, but it does have access to your home. So, you have to make sure to take your valuables out of your car, lock it and make sure your garage is locked up too,” said Reckert.

A few months ago, the St. Louis County Council approved new ordinance violations for “vehicle prowling” and “vehicle tampering.”

Each is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or jail time of up to a year.

The car owner said in her Next Door post that she hopes she serves as a lesson to remember to lock up. “We’ve learned a hard lesson.”