MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Police in Maryland Heights are looking for a stolen trailer and equipment used by Boy Scout Troop 283. The troop is now temporarily out of local derby competitions and thousands of dollars.

Just after 6:40 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, surveillance footage shows two thieves speed into the parking lot of Maryland Heights Church of Christ. When they park, a man gets out of the car to inspect the area. He later directs the car to back up, hitching the troop’s trailer to the back. Minutes later, the thieves drive off with the trailer in tow.

“It’s been nonstop the last 24 hours, trying to make up for this,” said Scout 283 Master Sammie Mauer. “It’s almost immeasurable.”

The trailer transports pinewood derby equipment for the 8-boy troop and other local scouts that rely on it.

The troop was forced to reschedule its pinewood derby event when they discovered the trailer had been stolen.

“We’re looking at least four weeks to be able to get a new replacement, so we’re hoping we’re able to lean on some of those offers to borrow a track to get us through the end of the season,” Mauer said.

The district-wide derby Troop 283 also runs is coming up in a matter of weeks.

The trailer has been stored on the church site for the last 10 years and they’ve never had an issue until now.

The thieves not only stole the trailer, but a laptop, projector, printer and, most important, the derby track. It’s all worth a combined $7,500, none of which have been recovered.

“(The kids) were pretty upset, of course,” Mauer said.

Amid a heartless theft, the troop now races to recover.

A spokesperson for the Maryland Heights Police Department said they have not found the suspects thus far.

“This is a devastating situation for the Maryland Heights, Mo. Cub Scout Troop #283, who hopes that the trailer and all its contents are located so other local cub scout packs can make it to the district races,” police said in a statement.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Detective Terry with the Maryland Heights Police Department at 314-738-2336.